Where Can You Find a Glory Hole Nearby?

Glory hole, or "glory hole" in sex and queer culture slang, is a circular hole in a wall or partition, usually between the stalls of public toilets, restrooms in adult facilities or bathhouses. It is designed for anonymous sex or to watch the person on the other side of the wall.

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Nearby Glory Holes

Glory holes are mostly popular among gay men. They emerged at a time when same-sex sex had to be secret and anonymous because it was prosecuted by law. Gay baths with glory holes were already there at the end of the XIX century, their peak was in the 60s and 70s of the XX century. In the 80s the number of glory holes started to decrease, many of them were plugged due to the spread of AIDS.

Today, not only homosexuals use the services of glory holes: sex through the holes is attractive to bisexuals and heterosexuals. Women use glory holes less often than straight or gay men, and they are mostly transgender people or members of the punk and swinging subculture. Single women may be kept out of adult establishments with glory holes to prevent risks of rape.

A hole is a hole, usually 3.5 inches in diameter. The edges of this hole are covered with a soft cloth or other material to prevent skin chafing.

Local glory holes in your city can be found in restrooms, gay bathhouses and bars, sex clubs, adult supply stores, and movie theaters. Some people organize glory holes in their private homes.

Previously, many erotic magazine outlets distributed a monthly printed guide to glory holes in certain areas, mostly in large cities. Today such lists of locations with glory holes can be found on our website.

Cool Facts About Glory Holes

The definition of glory holes has several other meanings. It is an oven for blowing glass, and a small compartment on ships of the XIX century, and a box for garbage. The term is thought to come from a Scottish word, consonant with "glory," which meant "dirty."

Glory allows us to depersonalize our partner completely, to imagine him or her as an immaterial object of sexual desire. The motives for use vary.

For some people it is stress relief, which they consider more rational and healthy than using alcohol or drugs. For others, it relieves feelings of insecurity and helps them feel freer. Sex with holes in the wall does not commit to anything: there is no need to say anything, to move in any particular way, to be yourself or anyone else.

Glory holes close the need to give sexual pleasure to yourself or an anonymous partner. There is an opportunity to satisfy curiosity, to have new experiences and to make real those sexual fantasies that may be difficult or dangerous in everyday intercourse. For example, some straight men do not consider themselves gay if they are satisfied through a hole in the wall by a member of their own sex - after all, they cannot see their partner and can imagine whoever they want. Sticking out of the wall someone else's genitals are perceived as a safe sex toy.

Academician Don Bapst wrote in his study that glory hollers were and still are one of the products of the suppression of homosexual desire. Nevertheless, in cities where there are more gay men, they exist in places frequented by gay men who live in a society that accepts their orientation. Some people just like the thrill of faceless sex."

What You Need to Know Beforehand (about safe sex)

Sex through glory holes is believed to be safe in terms of spreading coronavirus infection. The New York City Department of Health has shared a direct recommendation to satisfy the need for sex through physical barriers such as walls. According to the department, this helps avoid face-to-face contact and transmission through breathing.

The other side is HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the spread of which has contributed to a dramatic drop in the number of sexually transmitted diseases in all countries. Therefore, it is important to put health safety first and use protective and disinfectant products.

Ideally, it is advisable to share your sexual history with potential partners. For ethical reasons, if possible, you should tell the person behind the wall that you are ready, e.g. by knocking or waiting for a signal from them before putting your genitals or another body part into the hole.

Toilet sex is considered public sex and is illegal in many countries, regions and states, even though attitudes towards gay culture have become more tolerant. As such, be aware of the risks of police harassment, exposure, and public censure, which can affect family and career continuity.

How to Find Glory Holes - Guide for Hot Spots in Town

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